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Ranj is the founder of HumanHaus: A company dedicated to more well-thought-out consumer products.

In his search for a more useful design, he had a serendipitous moment of order in a world that’s mostly chaos and discovered a better way to make something as trivial as a kitchen broom function in a manner of delight. Giving it a more meaningful purpose. In this moment he created a self-standing broom that looks tall and handsome at rest and functions in a more fitting way within one’s habitat.

Ranj attended School of Industrial Design in Ottawa, Canada.


SelfieBroom, the Self Standing Broom With a Whimsical Twist, is Live on Kickstarter. To learn more, visit bit.ly/SelfieBroomKS. SelfieBroom allows users to stand your broom upright without propping or leaning it against a wall or countertops and no need to bend over to pick-up your misplaced broom. Giving the user the ability to truly be more efficient while completing your chores.

Toronto, ON – Human Haus understands that the everyday broom has become an everyday nuisance and set out to make a more useful functioning broom. SelfieBroom incorporates clever functionality into a broom by allowing it to stand upright when you need to take those little pauses in life to attend to other things.

Not only is SelfieBroom a more efficient way to complete your chores, it also allows the user to transform your everyday broom into an in-expensive tripod for there smartphone. Giving your smartphone new life with wider field of view, allowing for 360-degree selfies, full body selfies, large group selfies and serving as a general smartphone stand for other useful app functions.

“The goal of the SelfieBroom is to make an everyday household tool more useful,” said Human Haus founder R K Sirpal. “We know most people aren’t rushing to get home after work and sweep, but SelfieBroom allows people to turn a boring tool into a more efficient product and a conversation piece.”

SelfieBroom is available on Kickstarter. To learn more, visit bit.ly/SelfieBroomKS.

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